Saturday, 25 July 2009

A new piece of work

I have just completed a new piece of work, (below) its rendered quite large (around a1 size) and I have included one of the raw images before any retouching was done also. I am hoping to release this as a print in the near future.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Big Up Magazine

San Fransisco Magazine Big Up featured some of my work with a short but sweet Interview. Also i answered a few questions for Mel and Michelle from Daily Design Fix and most crazy of all Kanye West featured me on his blog which was nice of him.
Links are below:)

Woven Music Video

I am currently in production of a 'old school' stop motion Music Video for Los Angeles Woven for the song 'Prickly Pair' the song clocks in at around 5mins so by my calculations i need 3500 frames of animation if I run it at 12 frames per second, one HELL of alot of work ,but its looking great so far. Here are some stills!

Wovens Myspace:

Solo Exhibition Opening Night

My first solo exhibition has come to a close,It launched on the 25Th June and ran until the 20Th July at the Greenroom in my home town of Manchester. It all turned out to be really great overall. I got a really positive reception to my work :).Here are some (blurry)photos of the opening night taken on me mates faulty phone camera.