Monday, 18 April 2011

Banned In Singapore

Here is a illustration i did a while back or a magazine called 'kult' IT WAS BANNED BY THE HEALTH PROMOTION BOARD OF SINGAPORE...UNBELIVABLE! (email below names removed of course)

"Hi Andy,

I am glad to let you know that the magazines have finally been printed. Unfortunately, since the Health Promotion Board here in Singapore was supporting this magazine, they wanted to fully remove your artwork from the publication cos they didn't want to show the spots that people get when they are diagnosed with HIV. We were all so annoyed because they are supposed to educate not hide. We're a fan of your work and will show the full version of your work on the website on our own accord.

Apologies for the long wait anyhow. Please send me your address so I can send you some copies nonetheless.

Hope the weekend's well!

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