Thursday, 5 May 2011

'The Tale Of Brin And Bent And Minno Marylebone'

Here is a selection of work i did for the Graphic Novel 'The Tale Of Brin And Bent And Minno Marylebone' Written by the legend that is Ravi Thornton it was near a year in the making and it will be released on May 2nd 2012 by Johnathan Cape (Random House) and will be carrying a For Adults Only sticker for sure when its released ive been informed . Ive picked a few pages from the 88 pages in the book (without text) to show along with some stills of the scenery models used . The book is going to also be musically scored with a reading of the story by Ravi (with an accompanying cd) by this very talented man all the title typography in the book was done by a good friend of mine
and i think that's it enjoy! x

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  1. so glad to have found your work on this morning. outstanding...and the book sounds amazing as well (I hope it will be released in the US). looking forward to seeing a fine art illustrator i am always happy to find someone in the field that inspires me and makes me think a little bit!